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I've been using Ubuntu, but it's very far from what I'd consider a "modern ui" That, or even basic GNOME is what I'd call modern nowadays. If you want something traditional on the other hand, then KDE, GNOME Classic, Cinnamon, or something else may be ideal, in which case, Ubuntu and Fedora have spins with non-GNOME desktop environments (UI), and openSUSE allows you to choose other DEs too. Top 10 Best Linux Distro for Beginners in 2020 - TechOwns Jul 22, 2020 10 Best SwiftUI Courses & Tutorials - (updated 2020)

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What is the best Linux distro for Laptop? Well, here is the deal. In this post, I will describe 13 best Linux distro for laptop which is really made for Laptop/Notebook users. ‘m sure that after reading this post you can decide which Linux distro is best for you.So, let’s start.. CUB Linux (Discontinued) If you want a modern, beautiful, fast, stable and low battery uses Linux distribution 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments And Their Comparison Jun 24, 2020

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