Other phishing emails might try to trick you into clicking a link that leads to a fake website designed to look like Amazon, eBay, or your bank. These fake websites can then install malware or other viruses directly onto your computer, allowing hackers to steal your personal information or take control of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

PayPal phishing emails are nearly always after the same things; steal your personal details and gain access to your account. Here are two examples we’ve seen from earlier this year that can help show you what to look out for. We’ll also explain why they can be so effective. The emails might also contain odd phrases or sentences that sound a bit off. Read your email aloud. If something doesn’t sound right, or professional, be suspicious. It could be a phishing attack. Low-resolution logo. Phishers will often cut and paste the logos of government agencies, banks and credit card providers in their phishing emails. Jan 28, 2020 · A warning to anyone who uses PayPal, a new phishing scam is targeting thousands of users and it's so slick that many are falling for it. We spoke with one victim, so you don't waste your money.

Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company asking you to provide sensitive information. Here are some of the ways to identify phishing scams and how to protect yourself from being scammed.

Malicious macros in phishing emails have become an increasingly common way of delivering ransomware in the past year. These documents too often get past anti-virus programs with no problem. The phishing emails contain a sense of urgency for the recipient and as you can see in the below screenshot, the documents step users through the process.

Jan 06, 2017 · Like emails intended to ensnare PayPal users, these emails usually contain misspelled words or grammatical errors. Protecting against phishing emails PayPal and Amazon have nothing to do with the

PayPal Phishing Email Examples. This example is an email received give a different account at PayPal. The most important thing to do when you receive an email is to not click on any link in that email, try to login directly to your account and check the notifications that you have (usually all emails sent by PayPal occur automatically by notice in your PayPal account). Email phishing attempts. A phishing email pretending to be from eBay typically contains a link that takes you to a fake website. There, you’ll be asked to sign in and submit personal and account information. These emails often include the eBay logo and a fake eBay address in the “From” line. Here are some typical traits of phishing scams: Feb 01, 2017 · Phishing emails are one of the biggest threats to your online security. They're particularly dangerous when they do a convincing job of impersonating a trusted site like PayPal. 1. Latest PayPal phishing scam goes for more than just your login details. Security researchers at ESET are warning people about a new scam targeting PayPal users. It begins with a standard phishing email, but victims end up handing over financial and personal details in addition to their login credentials.