Confide in definition is - to tell personal and private things to (someone). How to use confide in in a sentence.

5 Ways to Know You're Confiding in the Right Person Is the person a good listener? Give thought to whether the person has listened well in the past, … Confide | Definition of Confide by Merriam-Webster transitive verb. 1 : to tell confidentially He dared not confide the secret to his family. 2 : to give to the care or protection of another : entrust … do not confide your children to strangers. — Mavis Gallant.

confided meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of confide 2. to tell something secret or personal to someone…. Learn more.

Confide - definition of confide by The Free Dictionary

The Teaching Authority of the Church is Not Confided to

Your best friend recently confided in you that her father has a drinking problem, and she's worried that she might develop one, too. 12 hours ago If you are spiritual or religious, list the four things you can do to help you move through your grief. 12 hours ago Tennis- The receiver's score should be … Confiding & Flirting: The Same Thing? | Psychology Today You see, confiding often leads to a level of emotional intimacy that may be the strongest form of closeness and connection. Furthermore, emotional intimacy may be even more connecting than sexual