If you do not connect an ethernet cable, Apple TV's setup will automatically prompt you to connect to a wireless network after you set the default language. Use the Apple TV remote to select the wireless network. Navigate the on-screen keyboard, enter in the router's password.

[Solved] iPhone Won't Connect to Wifi Incorrect Password Jul 14, 2020 appletv - How do I add an Apple TV to hotel wifi without a In theory, you should be able to connect your Apple TV to the network by spoofing its MAC address on your laptop, and connecting that device to the network before swapping it out with the Apple TV. This alternative approach may be against your particular service provider's policy and is likely frowned upon. How to Connect Apple TV Without WiFi - Techzillo Dec 15, 2019 LG smart Tv wifi issues - May 2020 - Forums - CNET

Check to see if DHCP access is available, or configure Apple TV with a manual IP address. ÂÂ Check for any obstructions, and adjust the location of the base station or Apple TV. ÂÂ If security is enabled on the network, temporarily disable it on the base station and try connecting again. ÂÂ Apple TV cannot connect to a wireless network

Get help with Wi-Fi networks on your Apple TV - Apple Support Mar 02, 2020 How to share your Wi-Fi password from your - Apple Support

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LG smart Tv wifi issues - May 2020 - Forums - CNET Jul 10, 2020 How to connect Apple TV to a hotel Wi-Fi network – Frankie Write down your Apple TV’s mac address, which you can find under Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi Address. Step 6. Now we will spoof our computer’s mac address to be the one we just wrote down from Apple TV: sudo ifconfig en1 ether 28:cf:xx:xx:xx:xx. Step 7. Sanity check that our mac address has indeed changed: ifconfig en1 | grep ether