Steps to manage multiple apple devices with one family apple ID are pretty straightforward. Make sure to repeat the instructions on all devices that are sharing one Apple ID. Step 1. Open Settings app on the iDevice and navigate to iTunes & App Store. Step 2. Once there, provide the Apple ID and password that you intend to share among multiple

If you have set up Two-Step Verification for your Apple ID then you might want to follow these steps to reset Apple ID password on iPhone. Step #1: Visit the Apple ID Page. Step #2: Then click “Forgot Apple ID or Password”. Note: If you are asked to confirm the Phone Number then follow Part 1 of this guide that is Two-Factor Authentication. If the two-factory authentication has been enabled for your Apple ID account, you can reset your Apple ID password using any trusted devices. C. Security questions. If you have set up security questions for your account, then you can get an email to reset your password. You can check here to know more details about how to reset your Apple ID Mar 08, 2020 · Set up your Apple ID credentials again in Settings > Your Apple ID Profile. Try accessing the App Store now and see if it works for you Try accessing the App Store now and see if it works for you Turn off any content blockers or ad blockers. Feb 17, 2019 · Set up a secondary email account. Apple lets you add a “rescue email address” that’ll save you in a pinch should anything happen to your primary email. Set up two-factor authentication. Generate a recovery key and write it down in a safe place. Don’t lose it. We hope that you found these tips helpful.

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