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Don’t Laugh it off. Nobody wants to be that friend that can’t take a joke so part of the problem is we … How to Deal with Bullying with Tori Cordiano, Ph. D More specifically, bullying is a repeated pattern of targeted behavior that’s aggressive. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional, but the one constant is that there is an imbalance of power such that the person being bullied is inadequately able to defend him or herself.. Parents need to resist the Mama Bear instinct that kicks in when our kids are upset. How to Deal with Bullying: Becoming a Better Bystander by Jan 29, 2013

This accessible guide for autistic children and teens is full of advice for coping successfully with bullying. It helps the reader understand what bullying is and debunks myths such as 'bullying makes you stronger'. It also lays out self-empowering strategies and practical tips on how to deal with situations where they are being bullied.

Jul 09, 2012 · Teachers who are serious about reducing bullying behaviors must (1) assess the extent of the bullying problem in their classrooms, (2) ensure that the class understands what bullying is and why it is wrong, (3) confront any student engaged in bullying in a firm but fair manner, and (4) provide appropriate and consistent consequences for bullying. Bullying can happen to anyone, but racial bullying is particularly charged. Racial bullying is a manifestation of racism and it includes any bullying related to one’s race, culture, or ethnicity. This could include racist names or threats, racist graffiti, personal attacks on one’s identity.

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