Apr 16, 2020 · For some years, the main manufacturers of WiFi devices operating on AP mode have been giving the option to configure the devices to hide their network names. This has been implemented as a security feature to prevent unwanted connections, since the network name is one of the required parameters to establish connection, although it has an

How to hide your Wi-Fi and keep strangers off your network 2. Check your Wi-Fi encryption. Check out the wireless security settings on your router. As long as router encryption is enabled, no one will be able to log on and use your Wi-Fi without the password. How to Hide or Block WiFi Networks in Windows 10 Hide or Block WiFi Networks in Windows 10. If you stay in an apartment or in an area with other WiFi Routers within the range of your computer, you will see many unknown WiFi Networks whenever you log into your computer and also when you click on the Network button in system tray. How to Unhide or Hide WiFi Nework in Windows 10 May 20, 2020

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Hide Your WiFi SSID. The best way to hide your WiFi network for others is by not broadcasting the SSID. If you want to add a device, simply type in the SSID and Password on the device. As the network doesn’t show up in any WiFi scans and searches, it is very unlikely that it’ll be targeted by any hackers or intruders.